Public speaking coming up

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I've been asked to do some more speaking so if you haven't heard my voice for a while here's your chance(s). The first ever Street Talk podcast (of Street Talks , usually held in London, and run by Sustrans) will be an interview with Jon Orcutt, formerly of New York City's transportation department, which will be coming to the internet in the next few days. He's the guy who oversaw introduction of Citibikes and introduced New York's Vision Zero plan, making it the first US city to aim for a target of no traffic deaths or serious injuries. Keep a look out on my Twitters or this website, under public speaking, where I'll be sharing that podcast with joyous abandon. 

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I'm at Look Mum, no Hands, talking about Kat Jungnickel's new book, Bikes & Bloomers, with the excellent Emily Chappell,  Kat Jungnickel herself, and Bruce Bennett (Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Lancaster University). You can book your tickets here.

And later in the year it looks like I'll be doing some kind of Paxman panel chairing/corralling job at a large national cycling conference...more details TBC. In the meantime, know I shall take no nonsense from anyone. Not even you.